Welcome to your Personalized Health and Weight Loss Program

Your personalized program will help you set your intention for a new and healthy you. As your Coach, together we will focus on your specific challenges. You will get the tools that you will need for a balanced lifestyle.


During the course of the 3-month program you will:

  • Receive an initial 90-minute consultation that includes your health history
  • Set Your Intentions for your Success
  • Set goals to address a specific health or weight challenge
  • Make step-by-step changes in your food and exercise habits
  • Receive healthy shopping lists, healthy recipes and plans for conscience eating
  • Video conferencing, In-person visit or phone sessions are all available for you
  • Two 45-minute follow-up sessions per month to take place throughout the 3 months
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • Begin to live the healthy lifestyle that you always wanted for yourself
  • Also, available are kitchen and pantry interventions
  • Supermarket/health food store tours
  • Self-care tips on how to show love to yourself as you go on your new journey

This program is for you if you:

  • Are still hungry after you have just finished eating or feel bloated after eating
  • Your weight goes up and down
  • You have difficulty losing weight
  • You have cravings for sugar and fried foods
  • Your Dr. says you have a condition that only an expensive pill can solve

What If My Holistic health plan can change the way you feel… imagine

Not Feeling Hungry and Bloated

Your Healthy Weight is Here to Stay

Losing Weight is Checked off Your To-Do List

Food Craving are Gone

You Traded in Your Meds for a Healthy Lifestyle

Imagine what all of this could be like

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Take the first step to your new healthy lifestyle!

Optional program add-ons:

  • Virtual In-Home Cooking Class (2 hours / $300)
  • Health Market Tour (1 hour / $75)
  • Kitchen & Pantry Intervention (1 hour /$125)

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